I have spent many years researching financial products to determine the best approach. I wanted to protect my family, manage risk, and minimize taxes. There is no single decision I’ve made that has given me more peace of mind than the knowledge that I obtained in this book.
— Bill Harrahill (Director, Time Warner SBU)
Sean identifies the error in most people’s financial thought process and makes the case for taking advantage of the financial climate we are currently in by implementing The Cash Play strategy.
— Kevin Medow, Nebraska Grain Farmer
Being a business owner of an engineering firm, I can assure you Sean Quigley’s views on “The Cash Play” are right on. By using Sean’s strategy, we have developed a process to maintain positive cash flow. It is great that he has shared his expertise and wisdom with others in this valuable book.
— Dan Rosenthal, President, REGA Engineering Group
As a woman business owner, I have worked hard to serve my clients and truly desire the best for them in the long run, as well as in the present. Following a career in real estate, I have now entered the financial services profession. Finding Sean and his book has assured me of success. Sean’s approach provides answers to real life business and cash flow challenges. Sean is a problem solver and a whole-hearted giver. We have this book as a result.
— Kristen Harris, Associate Director, Global View Capital Insurance
Sean has developed a financial strategy that is life-transforming. I have personally witnessed Sean’s expertise and guidance in designing a financial strategy for a company that will provide long-term gains and financial independence. The Cash Play is a must-read and a game-changer!
— Wayne Mendezona, Business owner, Quick Handle Basketball, Author of Maximizing Your Results
The Cash Play strategy has taught me how to build a private cash reserve for my dental practice. I now have tremendous liquidity in my business and in my personal life, and the results have been exponential! The Cash Play is a must-read for anyone looking to find peace of mind in all financial matters.
— Chris Elliott, DDS
Sean Quigley has developed his holistic Cash Play strategy, which enables you to create a private cash reserve for your business. As a business owner myself, who set up a company over 20 years ago, I wish I had met Sean sooner. I worked with Sean to unlock seemingly invisible cash flow for my business, allowing me to better prepare for retirement and I know that there are many other business owners who would benefit from Sean’s advice. The Cash Play is a truly valuable strategy that delivers powerful results!
— Dr. Kathryn Seifert, Author, Licensed Psychologist and Certified Forensic Consultant