The Cash Play

What is the most powerful four-letter word on the planet? CASH

How do you supercharge that word? With seven more letters…TAX-FREE

Sean A. Quigley , Author and Speaker

Sean A. Quigley, Author and Speaker

The financial playing field has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. The new reality is that pensions have virtually disappeared. Your house is not likely to appreciate anywhere close to what it has in the past. College costs have sky-rocketed. The stock market has experienced wild volatility and many people’s retirement savings has been decimated.

In order to survive in this new financial world, it will take playing by a new set of rules. Sean Quigley’s The Cash Play strategy will show you how to create wealth and to efficiently manage your personal finances as well as your professional business interests. It is about maintaining your lifestyle; creating cash flow for your household and your company; and having a joyous, peace-filled retirement. The Cash Play Strategy will work in all circumstances, and not just perfect circumstances.

As a husband, father, and former business owner, Sean gives a unique perspective when it comes to financial planning during your working years and throughout retirement. By making The Cash Play, you are making sure that your cash is available whenever you need it by being intentionally liquid, or even better…Brazenly liquid!

I have spent many years researching financial products to determine the best approach. I wanted to protect my family, manage risk, and minimize taxes. There is no single decision I’ve made that has given me more peace of mind than the knowledge that I obtained in this book.
— Bill Harrahill (Director, Time Warner SBU)
Sean has developed a financial strategy that is life-transforming. I have personally witnessed Sean’s expertise and guidance in designing a financial strategy for a company that will provide long-term gains and financial Independence. The Cash Play is a must-read and a game-changer!
— Wayne Mendezona, Business owner, Quick Handle Basketball, Author of Maximizing Your Results

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